Worship & Arts Ministries

Bread of Heaven Ministry

Audio/Video/Media Ministry

Is responsible for providing audio and video footage of our worship services to members of the body of Christ for reiteration and study purposes.

Liturgical Mime & Dance

The NFMBC Liturgical and Mime Dance Ministry ministers through dance for God; they employ their talents for dance and movement to honor God through praise, worship, and visual performances of His Word. 

For more information, send an e-mail to Francene O'Conner  christian_ed@newfreedommbc.com

Liturgical Dance Groups

  Children                                              Ages (4-9 years)

  Youth                                                  Ages (10-16 years)

  Young Adults                                       Ages (17-35 years)

  Seniors                                                Ages (36 years +))

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry ministers to the spiritual needs of those seeking to know Jesus Christ more to the Spiritual needs of those seeking to know Jesus Christ more intimately by providing an avenue by which believers can enter into His courts with thanksgiving, praise, and song. The Music Ministry is also responsible for leading our church into the presence of the Lord through Praise and Worship.

Choir Groups

Adult                                                    Ages (36 years +)

Young Adult                                          Ages (17-35 years)

Children and Youth                                Ages (4-16 years)​

Technology Ministry

Ministers to the body of Christ through the uses of technology. Saving souls through the World Wide Web and social networking for the up lifting of the kingdom of God.

Usher / Greeter Ministry

The Greeter Ministry is responsible for saluting and welcoming our worship attendees, by showing them the love of Jesus Christ.